We offer today’s highest quality embroidery available on apparel and products. Embroidery is one of our most popular by demand products from Corporate and Casual organizations. Custom embroidery of your logo on polo shirts, hats, shirts, jackets, uniforms, and other products works great for most projects and events. We specialize and customize to suit your needs. Call us today and find out how to get started on your new project!


Quality and Benefits

Your embroidered, custom logo will ensure your company gets noticed when applied to styles ranging from traditional business, new corporate casual looks, or relaxed cotton performance polos, not to mention t-shirts, bags, hats and other apparel items. Embroidery is also the best solution for classic event apparel such as golf tournaments or charity functions. Embroidered logos on apparel increases your campaign’s brand awareness, especially when all participants are wearing the same shirt, hat or other item. Embroidery, above any other form of advertising, is by far the best for great exposure.


Standard Crest Size:
3″- 4″ wide x proportionate
Standard Hat front:
2″ tall x proportionate

*These are standard imprint sizes other imprint sizes are available depending on the project.



Embroidery pricing depends on the total number of stitches in the logo, so the size and complexity determine your final price.
Send us your art and let us know how big you want it, and we’ll get you a price!


Is there a minimum order for embroidery?

No. We will print just one item if needed.

What is embroidery digitizing and what is the cost?

Digitizing is the process of taking the artwork or digital picture and converting the design into stitches and creating a file that the embroidery machine can read. This charge depends on the number of stitches and complexity of your design. An exact quote can be given after we review your design.

How is cost determined?

An embroidery order is quoted based upon estimated stitch count and quantity. We give a firm cost of your order in advance upon review of your design. Additional charges will apply for rush orders.