Screen Printing – often referred to as “silkscreen,” is the most commonly ordered of our imprint methods. Screen printing is a printmaking technique used to print images on t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. and is often preferred over other processes such as dye sublimation or inkjet printing because of its low cost and ability to print on many types of media. Firefly uses the most efficient screen printing technology to ensure your designs are printed accurately, quickly, and at a cost that fits your budget. We have low minimums to make it easy on smaller organizations or businesses. But, we also have the equipment to process high volume production orders.


Quality and Benefits

Custom t-shirts are more than just ink and fabric; they are a public display of something important to you! Custom screen printed t shirts is a cost effective way to publicize your business, charity, club, group, band or event. T shirt screen printing offers pricing discounts on higher quantities, better prices than digital print on bulk orders, competitive pricing, ability to use custom inks and prints vibrant colors!


Traditional Printing

We offer the traditional screen printing using plastisol inks. These are the inks that have been used in the screen printing process for many many years. They are best used to achieve bright, or shiny colors on the garment after printing. The ink sits more on top of the fabric, instead of being embedded into the fabric like water based inks.

Screen Printing is recommended for:

Corporate Promotions, Events, Branding, Uniforms


Clothing Lines

Events: Fundraisers, Birthday Parties, Reunions etc

Medium to large size groups, organizations or businesses

 Band or Artist Merchandise


 Sports Teams